Meet us

Fotografi artizani de nunta.



We are Laura & Marius, a young family with an eye to capture love in all it’s wonderful shapes. We began taking pictures a while back and we fell in love with seeing couples feel the same way as we do about weddings and style.

Our approach is – as the title suggests – a result of love and labor. Unique in it’s way, baring also the mark of the maker, will come to be one of your mos valuable possessions of all time. It is a cool mix between journalism and styling, capturing moments as they are, but also taking care of small details, making it our own.

We do not consider ourselves professionals or specialists. We’ll leave that to people that have studies, diplomas, certifications and s.o. We do this on our own clock, as best and as caring as we possibly can. Not the best pictures in the world maybe, not the most technical, but smile-generating pictures? That we can do.

Why us? Because you are dear to us. Because you consider your unique wedding deserves another approach than that of your linear photographer. It’s like looking at your own wedding through the eyes of someone close to you.

We are not here to click a button, no. We are here to build together with you a simple yet complex project around your wedding. It will be a common effort and there will be challenges. Only together can we achieve wedding photography greatness.

What we ask of you? To think about it. To go for the golden hour when planning the session. To go for the hotel room when getting ready. To an extra mile to capture your stunning emotions on a better background. Make it memorable.

Looking forward for your mail and to meet for coffee sometimes.

Thank you for visiting our website. Feel free to whack through our portfolio, house rules and price list and give us feedback. It is really important for you to understand what we are making, because wedding photography, you can only buy it once.