The perfect picture is a journey. It represents the sum of all emotions that you are going through that moment, the perfect light, the right tools and the vision of the person taking the picture.

Although the last two you cannot influence, there is much to be said about emotions and lighting. The first of the two refers to you being yourself, enjoying your wedding. This once-in-a-lifetime superb event is the result of your love and happiness. Planned thoroughly and materialized through the best planning, beautiful accessories, stunning location and the sight of you two lovely people, it deserves only the best pictures.

Remember to have fun, photography is not the purpose of the wedding, it is only a mean for you to own and hand down memories. We care less about what lies in the background, or the imperfection of an object that happens to be in the same shot as you. The second, lighting. Go for the hotel room with big windows, go for the church with chandeliers, go for the venue with the wider dancing ring, and last but not least, go for the golden hour.

Other than the awesome group shots, the emotional ceremony and the full of emotions getting-ready-s, the stepping stone to any beautiful wedding album IS the photo session. As formal as it sounds, it is actually the most relaxed moment of the entire wedding, when you get to spend time in a quiet environment with your chosen photographer(s), and to just simply take a break from it all, before the party starts.

Light plays a crucial role in getting the most out of your dress and suit, your makeup, your bouquet and the overall portraiture of the shots. So go for the golden hour and plan your day around it. It is better to have a quick 15 minutes session during the golden hour, than have a 2 hour long session at high noon, that I promise.

Remember that good wedding photography is achieved only if we work together. And if you want awesome shots, make sure you plan a kick-ass wedding 😉 You deserve it.